live Antifa Festival '06

by brachland

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We were labelled as Nazis. At least our behaviour was. We thought this was funny. Then the fun was over and we were pleased to get invited to perform at the first Antifascist Festival at the Reitschule Bern in July 2006. But in fact we weren't ready yet.

The third outfit of brachland was nice, the relationships close, but musically we were definitely walkin' on different paths. We wrote some of our best songs and some real crap, same is to be said about the lyrics. And I changed them weekly anyway. But at least we started recording them.

While the recording sessions in 2004 led to the insight, that we can't stand each other anymore, this time and with this line-up, we were still living and working together in various projects - but people just lost the interest in pushing things forward. Myself, I recorded the vocals the day after guitar-player & founding member Mänu declared, that he's not going to continue even these recordings.
Since then... from time to time I was fumbling around with the files on my Laptop, but during the past ten years lots of things have become more important than to be the singer in an angry punkrockband.

Still: What you are hearing now is how it was meant to be. In the end, I didn't change a lot concerning the original recordings from 2006, just replaced some lyrics... again. One of the hymns here - Track #12 "knöcheltief" - was already released on 4-Minute-War-Records earlier this year. Visit their bandcamp-page to listen to the other bands on the Children-Of-The-Revolution-compilation-series! BRACHLANDs political statements from back then: still relevant today.

And if you are missing the lovesongs this time:
BRACHLAND now is a soul-band,
see you soon!

Lepra Alméra
for 212 & Bulle Fair Rec.
during the outstanding summer 2016


released September 11, 2016

Recorded at 212-Bunker in 2006
Cover Art by Mänu/Dirt-Fi records

BRACHLAND on this recording:
FB/Lepra/Mänu/Nagel/Baker Street



all rights reserved


brachland Bern, Switzerland

≠ 1998-2006 ≠

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Track Name: POSER (Rework 2016)
…weisch, der Punkt isch cho, woni müesse ha iigseh:
Die ganz investiert Liebesmüeh lohnt isch eifach nümmeh,
dass'D no 20x versprichsch, dass'D de irgendeinisch mach'sch
was in Wahrheit i dem Läbe zimli sischer nie meh schaffsch
s'isch nid eifach gsy abz'bräche, wüll mis Herzbluet hie hett pocht
doch nach 10 Jahr - gloub mir - sitzi hie o nümm im Loch
& verfälschisch Du hütt d'Gschicht und findsch drum dass me mi nümm versteit,
so chani Dir versichere: Das berueht uf Gägesiitigkeit
Der Originaltext zu däm Lied isch der dümmscht woni je ha gschriibe
doch mit de Jungs chli Musik mache isch halt scho no so z'friide
oder z'fiire uf de Parties - dank Alk mit allem befründet -
letschtändlich bini froh, läb ig hütt einsam, derfür gsünder
Ha Mal gmeint dä Ort hie syg die grossi wiiti Wält
bis ig gmerkt ha, dass zu genau dere jeglichi Verbindig fählt
- ähnlich Wort & Tat: Da isch der Zämehang e lose
aber's merkt eh niemer wenn'D luut gnueg bisch während em pose
Chunnsch mi cho aaspräche & ig merkes ganz genau:
Dir liigt nid unbedingt so viel am Gspräch denn a Dim Wortschwall
wo'D mi dermit suechsch z'träffe (obwohl's nümm um mi geit…
und ig Depp hätt mir fascht no es paar Antworte überleit…)
Ig luege nech a und frag mi: "Hei mir üs würk so guet kennt?"
Letschtendlich bini eifach froh hei sich die Wäge trennt
Und Du, mi alt Kolleg, wo Züg verzellt, wo nid stimmt: